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About me

Dr.Pradosh Kumar Das

My Birthday: 09.09.1966
House No.21, Subhash Nagar,Manegaon,
Khamaria,Jabalpur(M.P.) India 482005


About me:

Every one exist in this world to play a role decided by his Destiny, so am I, with a very great pleasure and endless happiness I am treating all types of people those who really need my practical help regarding their physical and physiological disorders, since last 25 years I have been treating thousands of male/female/and children’s, these patients are my testimonial evidence of my successful treatment. I will appreciate writing this to know about me and get a good treatment through my medical experience, for all who seek my attention.



I enjoy doing a lot of things: reading, dancing, taking photos, going for meditetions, and learning new things. But don't forget to fill in what you like to do !


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Favorite quotes:
"Listen to many, speak to a few,who needs"
- William Shakespeare -

"The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection."
- George Orwell -

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